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About borderlands Volume 8 Number 3, 2009


       Rethinking Politics
        Editors: Goldie Osuri & Simone Drichel


Goldie Osuri & Simone Drichel
Rethinking Politics: archaeologies, genealogies, ethics


Joseph Pugliese
Apostrophe of Empire: Guantanamo Bay, Disneyland

Kathy Ferguson
Bush in Drag: Sarah Palin and endless war

Jon Stratton
Preserving White Hegemony: Skilled migration, ‘Asians’
and middle-class assimilation

Ian Barnard
Disciplining Queer

Maria Hynes & Scott Sharpe
Affected with Joy: evaluating the mass actions of the anti-globalisation movement













Ann Deslandes
Activism Unbound
(Carolyn D’Cruz, Identity Politics in Deconstruction: Calculating with the Incalculable, Surrey: Ashgate, 2007)

Mark Chou
From Page to Stage: what emerges ‘in between’ politics and art in George Packer’s Betrayed

Sam Dallyn
Cultural Alterity, Racial Embodiment and Commodity Consumption
(Eva Cherniavsky, Incorporations: Race, Nation and the Body Politics of Capital, University of Minnesota Press, 2006)